Flash Catalyst

DOE Recovery Act Dashboard

Adobe MAX & the Department of Energy

Recently the Department of Energy approved submitting the Recovery Dashboard for the Adobe MAX awards. As part of that they put up a demo video of the dashboard:

review: Balsamiq Mockups

It took me, as a ‘first time ever’ user of Balsamiq, about two hours to complete a wireframe I had sketched up on paper in a few minutes. That’s a plus – I doubt anyone besides myself can read the wireframe I sketched by hand, much less make heads or tails of it, while the one I made with Balsamiq is quite legible, while still lo-res such that it should impress upon the client that this is indeed a mockup not meant to communicate any sense of the look & feel of the application. My other thoughts for this particular wireframe were to do it either in FIreworks or in Flash Catalyst.