Open Source Media Framework

Getting Started in OSMF (part 3): Closed Captioning

The OSMF project I was building for my client required closed captioning. Now, back in the pre-Flex days, I had created a video mashup application in Flash that included closed captioning capabilities. For some reason, I vaguely recall that being less of a headache than the recent effort to do it in OSMF.

Open Source Media Framework

Getting Started OSMF (Part 2)

In Part 1 we briefly looked at some documentation and references for quickly getting up to speed on OSMF.  Now in Part 2 I want to touch on some different options the developer has regarding what classes to use to actually build their OSMF video player.  The main difference in the various options has to […]

Open Source Media Framework

Getting Started with OSMF (Part 1)

Recently I took on a project with the U.S. State Department on behalf of Adobe Consulting, involving migrating their entire video platform from Windows Media to Adobe Media Server (AMF). As part of the project, I had to develop several video players using Apache Flex. With a lot of changes going on recently with Flex […]