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Sketch 3 Beta

iOS Design: learning Sketch

Sketch 3 by Bohemian coding is looking more and more like a promising replacement, nay, an upgrade, from Photoshop & Illustrator for our iOS design and asset creation needs. I thought I would detail some resources I found useful in trying to learn Sketch.

Constrain to Margin

iOS Adaptive Layout tidbits: “Constrain to margin” in Xcode 6

I’ve been reading iOS 8 by Tutorials from the Ray Wenderlich Team (get the bundle, they go into an awesome level of detail).  The first seven chapters are dedicated just to Adaptive Layout.  They frequently mention to “uncheck constrain to margins” so I got to wondering just what this little checkbox was all about.


The Unwind Segue, Singletons in Swift, & beta testing iOS apps

this week’s iOS resources for my students: The Unwind Segue UIViewController Class Reference tutorial: creating unwind segue