Case Study: Implementing Accessibility in a Health & Fitness Mobile App

So accessibility is really about making sure all users, regardless of abilities, have full access to all of our products and the great features you put in your apps, and that means we get to focus on users and think about how users with these different abilities use our features.

-Ian Fisch, WWDC 2015

How can you quickly determine the extent to which your SAAS is accessible? What percent of your customers are affected by the level of accessibility in your app?


Autolayout, Adaptive Layout, Debugging in Xcode, iOS design patterns, and more

As an iOS / Swift mentor for, every week I give my students a list of resources as a follow up to our mentoring session.  Typically this consists of a short email listing the resources, which can include podcasts, videos, blog posts, etc.  I have a ton of resources I like to share over the duration of the course, but I try not to give too many at once so as not to overwhelm.  This week, however, most of my students hit a transition point in their learning, as they started working on building their own apps, and we covered a lot of ground in our discussions. //READ MORE//

On building and marketing your application

from one of my LinkedIn contacts (re-posted with permission):

Hello Mr. Kamal,Thanks for adding me to your professional network. I’m a student at Marymount University, and I’m pursuing my master degree in interior design. I’m taking a course in professional practice this semester, and working on a business plan project! My business plan is about creating an application to be used on by interior designers from all levels (beginners, intermediates, and professionals). since you’re a professional in this field, I want to ask your help! I have several questions: //READ MORE//